Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert

For the last few years, Trans Siberian Orchestra has come through Orlando on their annual Winter tour. Usually the concert date(s) are very close to Christmas Day, so we have been unable to go to the show. This year they moved the concert date big time, 11/15/08, so we were finally able to attend the show. I grabbed two seats the day the tickets went on sales (after a week os invitation only presale) and I'm glad I did. Our seats were in the last "lower bowl" section in the arena, so if I had been any later in ordering ticket, we would have been in the rafters.

This was an amazing concert! It had a ton of lighting effects, great musicians, and lasted nearly 3 HOURS!

Normally you are not allowed to take cameras to concerts, so I didn't take my camera with me. Well, that was a mistake, because they had no issues with taking photos or videos. So the photos below and the video are kinda crappy, because they were taken on my mobile phone (which nearly died on me because I was taking so many photos).

So enjoy the photos and video, click the images for larger versions:


And here is the short video I took:

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