Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas Celebration Game Plan

For those of you who are not immediate family members, this post really will be boring for you... but if you are immediate family, PAY ATTENTION!

Team BJ will be travelling to Valdosta on Christmas Eve and will stay that night at Team Bruce. Team BJ will spend Christmas morning (and a few hours) with Team Bruce, before moving on to Team Cleo's house. The idea was to have an early Christmas dinner and then do Christmas presents with Team BJ, Team Cleo, and Team Richard.

Team BJ will spend the next few nights with Team Cleo and will return to stay with Team Bruce Sunday night.

On Friday, Team BJ will be with Team Cleo when Team Perry arrives.

Team Sam and Team Joel will arrive at Team Cleo's Sunday afternoon and stay with them (this is when Team BJ will stay with Team Bruce). Monday morning the following will have Christmas gifts and celebration together: Team BJ, Team Cleo, Team Richard, Team Sam, and Team Joel. At some point in the early afternoon, Team Bruce may join in the festivaties.

Team BJ may leave late Monday night or extreme early Tuesday morning. Unknown at this time when Team Sam and Team Joel will return to their points of origin.

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