Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House Moving Update

Well, we are not moving as fast as I wanted to get the new house setup... mainly because there have been some set backs that have delayed us.

Various things such as working late, late nights, etc... have kept us from getting more stuff done before now. Heck, last night we got almost nothing done, because the A/C broke! We had to call in an emergency service call around 9:45pm last night, the guy showed up around 11:00, and didn't leave until around 12:30am. Basically, he had to rewire the unit to work, until they could get the necessary part. At least it is all covered under warranty.

But the next two afternoons/nights should be "normal", so we are hoping to get plenty of stuff done! We did get the new entertainment system setup and running.... Oh wait, y'all don't know about that, well let's just say this, not all of us made it over to the new house. The first thing I moved on Saturday morning was our big TV... and guess what! I missed the last few steps on the stairs, fell down them, and destroyed the TV. It's ok though, the nice new Panasonic LCD HDTV and Blu-Ray player have helped me forget about the bruises, road rash over my arms and legs, etc.....

We are planning on heading back to the apartment this Friday night and get everything moved out. After Friday night, the only time we should need to go back is for the clean up!

Oh, if you do not have our new mailing address or phone number (yes, we have a new phone number as well) just email me or give me a call on my cell. Later!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

House Moving Update

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the status of the house move. Well, everyone has been feed and washed, but at least everything has been moved!

The movers really made us look bad! They were able to move all of the heavy stuff in only 2.5 hours.... it took us all day to move the rest of it. We started at 9:00am this morning and just before 9:00pm. But everything has been moved, the furniture is setup, close to it's final position. Mr Cleo helped get everything moved and Mrs Terry took care of the kitched.

Now starts the process of unpacking and setting up the house. Oh, while she hates the back porch, Autumn is loving the house! She also has had no problems going through her cat doors *phew*

I did take some photos, just don't have the internet connectivity to upload them tonight (I will try in a day or so).

Big thanks go out to Mr Cleo and Mrs Terry, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you! And even big thanks go out to Paul!

Friday, September 12, 2008

New House Update - Again

I've posted another round of images from our prep work on the new house. The photos are from the last few weeks of moving stuff. So far we have moved almost everything, except clothes, kitchen stuff, and computer stuff. With a little help this weekend, we will get everything else moved. We are even having a moving company come Saturday afternoon to get the heavy stuff (bed, armoir, appliances, etc...).

That means that tonight is our last night in the apartment and Saturday night will be our first night in the new house! I will take lots of photos from the move... so stay tuned!

Jedi Mickey

For those of you who are tired of hearing about the house... just a few more weeks adn then we can get back to the fun stuff!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

House Update

So I was told that I was not putting up enough NEW photos from the house... :)

We spent many, many hours workigng on the house this past weekend. We were able to finish almost everything we want to. I was able to mount the new lights, all of the ceiling fans (including my nice massive one in the living room), install the cat doors in the pantry and laundry rooms, and started to hang the vertical blinds. Charlotte and Mama painted all of the rooms and even got the wall borders up in a few rooms. Last night we finsihed hanging the vertical blinds through out the rest of the house.

Now all that is really left is to put together some new shelves we got and paint the Haunted Mansion stenils in the master bedroom (which I hope to get done this weekend). So now our focus is on packing and moving everything... We are keeping our goal of "living" in the new house by the 13/14th of September.

So, because someone requested them, new photos: