Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House Moving Update

Well, we are not moving as fast as I wanted to get the new house setup... mainly because there have been some set backs that have delayed us.

Various things such as working late, late nights, etc... have kept us from getting more stuff done before now. Heck, last night we got almost nothing done, because the A/C broke! We had to call in an emergency service call around 9:45pm last night, the guy showed up around 11:00, and didn't leave until around 12:30am. Basically, he had to rewire the unit to work, until they could get the necessary part. At least it is all covered under warranty.

But the next two afternoons/nights should be "normal", so we are hoping to get plenty of stuff done! We did get the new entertainment system setup and running.... Oh wait, y'all don't know about that, well let's just say this, not all of us made it over to the new house. The first thing I moved on Saturday morning was our big TV... and guess what! I missed the last few steps on the stairs, fell down them, and destroyed the TV. It's ok though, the nice new Panasonic LCD HDTV and Blu-Ray player have helped me forget about the bruises, road rash over my arms and legs, etc.....

We are planning on heading back to the apartment this Friday night and get everything moved out. After Friday night, the only time we should need to go back is for the clean up!

Oh, if you do not have our new mailing address or phone number (yes, we have a new phone number as well) just email me or give me a call on my cell. Later!

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