Wednesday, September 3, 2008

House Update

So I was told that I was not putting up enough NEW photos from the house... :)

We spent many, many hours workigng on the house this past weekend. We were able to finish almost everything we want to. I was able to mount the new lights, all of the ceiling fans (including my nice massive one in the living room), install the cat doors in the pantry and laundry rooms, and started to hang the vertical blinds. Charlotte and Mama painted all of the rooms and even got the wall borders up in a few rooms. Last night we finsihed hanging the vertical blinds through out the rest of the house.

Now all that is really left is to put together some new shelves we got and paint the Haunted Mansion stenils in the master bedroom (which I hope to get done this weekend). So now our focus is on packing and moving everything... We are keeping our goal of "living" in the new house by the 13/14th of September.

So, because someone requested them, new photos:



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Anonymous said...

Yea for new pics! Thanks BJ! Your new house looks really big and roomy! So excited you will have plenty of space, we must come visit more often now.... Love you guys!