Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quick Note

Just wanted to add one more quick note. I know that last post sounded negative and it was a little. But we are still very positive about our trip and hope that once we are in the parks things will get better!

The purpose of this blog is to keep friends and family in touch with us, but it has another purpose. I wanted an avenue were we can express our views about the differences between DL and WDW.

Neither of us have ever been to DL before, only WDW. We are young, so we don't remember a time "when Disneyland was the real Magic Kingdom" (using a phrase from our last Trivia Chat at UBA). Since we have only experienced WDW and that has only been the last 5-7 years (a few distant memories from earlier), we don't have a lot attachments to WDW 20 years earlier or even DL itself.

So, these will be our thoughts of the parks, attractions, hotels, etc at Disneyland (right now), from a couple who's only Disney experience is modern WDW. I'm sure some of our opinions would probably be considered blasphamous to some of the old schoolers and DL locals. But hey, it's out opinion and our blog.... :)


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