Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Impressions of Disneyland Resorts!

So far, I only have two words for our experience so far: HOLY CRAP!

Some of that is good, some of that is bad:

HOLY CRAP; I knew the park/hotels were in the middle of the city, but you never realized just how much until you see it yourself. It's like Wet and Wild on I-Drive at home.

HOLY CRAP; Everyone told me the resort hotels here are nothing compared to WDW's resort hotels, boy are they right! Fake 3 inch wide balcony's, paper thin walls, and a terrible shower. The shower head is so low, if your taller than 5'5", you have to be an acrobat to wash your hair (especially if your 5'10" and have long hair).

HOLY CRAP; The room is totally Disney pimped out! Glow in the park pixie dust wall border, SB Castle on the headboards, Sneezy faux-carving above the facial tissue holder. Close enough to the park to be awaken by the fireworks last night!

HOLY CRAP; I think we are going to end up blowing all our money on food. I will never, ever complain about the food prices at WDW again! Since there is no counter type service at the Disneyland Hotel, we had to order room service. BIG MISTAKE! $55 for a bowl of soup and a couple of sandwiches. No wonder they give discounts on everything for the DLR APs.

HOLY CRAP; I can't believe the differences in how DLR and WDW are run, as far as ticktes. If you stay on property at WDW everything is but on your room key, park tickets, room charges, etc.... Here at DLR, you have a room key, you have your park ticket, and you have a little slip of paper with a long number for your room charges. Yet, DLR APs get read cards and discounts, while WDW APs get paper tickets and very few discounts. Why they can't combine the two programs and do the same thing across the board.... WEIRD

We are getting ready to head to the parks for the first time and meet up with some friends. Keep checking back during the day for quick photos through out the day....

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