Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone! Last night was our first Halloween in the new house and we were hoping that we would actually have some trick or treaters this year. Over the several years we were in the apartment, we had zero kids come by, we hoped that this year would be different.

We even went so far as getting a permium treat to give out, popcorn balls! It was an ok night, approx 15 kids... which was pretty much all of the kids in the townhouse complex. Later that night, we found out that the HOA didn't keep the entrance gate open. It is usually closed by 8:00pm, but we thought they might keep it open to allow more people through for trick or treating, but they didn't. I may inquire with the HOA and see if the gate can stay open a little later next year.

We did dress up the front porch a little, but I have some BIG plans for next year! In the mean time, enjoy the photos (remember, click the photos for larger versions):

Starting to Setup
We are starting to setup for handing out candy

Continuing to Setup
Almost done setting up the porch

More Decoration
Close up of some our decorations

Mini-Maleficent as played by Autumn
Here is Autumn wearing her Maleficent ears

Maleficent and her precious
Maleficent and her precious

Maleficent's Throne Room
Charlotte outside on the porch

Maleficent's Fury
Maleficent's Fury; Charlotte striking Maleficent's famous pose
And one of me in my kilt
It's not all about Charlotte, there was one photo of me

Ghost Tombstones
One of our two Disney Haunted Mansion Ghost Tombstones!
Big Jack-O-Lantern
Big Jack-O-Lantern; Custom, hand carved pumpkin... done my yours truly

Mini Jack-O-Lantern
We always get a small pumpin, another custom carving job

Bright on the Trick and Treaters
Bring on the Trick and Treaters; Notice how we rearranged everything, just for the popcorn balls!

Maleficent's Fury, at night!
Maleficent's Fury, at night!; I may try loading some plugins and adding Maleficent's green flames

Jack-O-Lantern; Nice shot of my jack-o-lantern

One last shot
After a few hours, it was time to close up

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