Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Post...... A Special Note for Jarret

First, I found a photo I took a few weeks ago when I was driving through Oviedo. For those of you readers who are locals to Central Florida, I'm sure you've heard about the famous wild chicken gangs of Oviedo... I thought it was hogwash and local just pulling the legs of tourists.....

Well they are real:


This next one is for my nephew Jarret..... I'm sorry I let you down and let this happen:

But not to worry... I am making it up to you... I will be dropping something in the mail, just for you:

I wanted the newborn Darth Vader, but someone *cough*AuntCharlotte*cough* talked me out of it. But not to worry, I will getting you that Boba Fett costume in a few years! I promise!

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