Saturday, October 11, 2008

Disney Hollywood Studios Quick Photo Tour

We spent the morning over at the DHS, needed to pick up my Donal Darth Maul from SWW, and we took a quick tour around the park. These photos are from a few of the recent changes around the park (click the images for larger versions):

First up are some photos from the ongoing construction of the American Idol attraction:
American Idol Construction 1

American Idol Construction 2

American Idol Construction 3

American Idol Construction 4

Next is the new Cars meet and greet area... the area is themed after Casa Della Tires from the movie and is located in the old Toy Story meet and greet area (formerly Al's Toy Barn):
Cars Meet & Greet

There are a few changes over near MuppetVision 3-D... First of all, still no word on what this thing is or for?!?!
Muppet Mystery Thing?!?!

What is this thing?!?!

Also, they were working on the sign and the balloon, can you find what changed?
Muppet Vision Sign & Balloon... Something looks "off"

Yes, something is definitely different

Oh, and regarding that Donald Darth Maul:
Donald Darth Maul

Ooooooh, Scary!

BTW, we did finally get to ride the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride and I took several photos from inside of the atttraction, I will post a review and the photos some time tomorrow.... And look for a post about the Hahir Honeybee Festival and Parade very soon!

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