Monday, August 11, 2008

Couple of house Updates

Great news on the new house front... we have our final walk through NEXT WEEK! And in two weeks, we CLOSE! The new house is closer to being a reality for us... So we have stepped up our buying, recently we have bought painting supplies, some wall borders, all of the head rails for the vertical blinds, and a few other minor things.... Oh yeah, almost forgot we also purchased our fridge.

Time to catch up on some photos from the house. Two or three weeks ago, we went out and did a walk through on our own. I took a ton of photos to show off the house and how things are finally starting to come together. These photos show the new cabinets, walls, bathroom items, etc.... there is no flooring, countertops, fixtures, or appliances yet.


Here's a surprise... I did some walk throughs with the camera during this visit. I recorded a downstairs, upstairs, and outside walk arounds. I know, probably moved through too fast... oh well :)

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