Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Big Updates

It has been a few busy and exciting few weeks for us. First was the news of the birth of our new nephew. Jarret Michaiah Hughes join the family two weeks ago and is already better looking than his father.

Next, we have some big news for everyone that is a little closer to our home. It is the fact that we are working on getting our own home! We are close to finalizing the purchase of a new townhome in Sanford, not far from where we are at now. The house has yet to be built, which we hope will be started in a few weeks. We are finalizing our paperwork and our design choices this week. Since it is a brand new house, we were able to make all of the design choices ourselves.

We were able to get a lot of upgrades that we wanted, like a gourmet kitchen, luxury master bath, and a screened in back patio. We went basic on a few other areas and we already have ideas on how to upgrade the house. I call it our "new fixer upper"! Here are a couple quick photos:

I have also been working on getting my new Gallery up and running. Right now it is running fine, but I have a few more tweaks to make with it. I have already uploaded a few albums, including our Disneyland 2008 Vacation, Hughes Easter 2008, more photos of Jarrett, and tour of our new home!

There is another new item that I have added to my blog. On the left column of the page, you should see a new heading that says Huginn Subscription - By Email. Just enter your email address, follow a few quick steps, and you will be registered to receive notifications when we update our blog. This way, you can hear the lastest news and never miss anything!

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Anonymous said...

awwww... the little tyke is gonna be a surfer, he already has the wind blown hair and the sun burned face :)

He is a definite cutie