Friday, April 4, 2008

Quick Updates

Sorry for the delay in posting an update, but things have been crazy. We have been working on a few private matters, that I hope to be able to announced in a few days! VERY EXCITING!

But I have made some progress on a few things! I have finally organized the 350+ photos from Disneyland and I hope to start some posts about that this weekend. I have also gotten Gallery 2 setup on my domain, so the photos will be uploaded there.

I also will be uploading some family photos that were taken two weeks ago.

The address of the gallery right now is: The Gallery 2 software is really cool! It offers you the ability to order prints of any of the pictures, right from the site. There are several other cool things that it can do, I just need to finish tweaking the configuration. It's new software to me, so I have a lot to learn....

There is some bad news. Some of you may remember that I had a sinus infection during our Disneyland trip. When, two weeks ago (today actually) I had tonsillities (infection of the tonsils). Well, I finish my round of prescribed antibiots on Monday and the tonsillities returned on Thursday. I hope I can just get a refill on the prescription and not have to be seen again, but I won't know until later today.

I told mrsguru the other day... when I was young, I never got sick. Since I turned 31, I'm sick all the time. I used to have the immunity system of a strong horse. Now, it's more like My Little Pony...

Well, time to call the doctor and see what he says... I will post an update later...

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