Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slacking Some More...

Sorry about yesterday, but my phone didn't charge the night before and I ran out od juice. The Indy photo was done about midday, but didn't go out until this morning...

Things are all better this morning and we will be heading to DCA this morning. We have already done a few things in Hollywood, going back to do them a few more times. We walked through the rest of DCA and we were not that impressed.

We spent yesterday redoing Fantasyland and a few other rides (including several rides on Indy). All we really have left is to get some photos from Tomorrowland and Main Street, we probably will reride a few more. Maybe even finally ride the Submarine ride. The park wasn't eve open 15 mins yesterday and the wait was already up to 2 hours.... And no fast pass... INSANE!

Stopping by the Rainforest Café for breakfast... Chat with you later..

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